Werking Mixes

27.04.16 – Rob

Firstly, a huge thanks to those that came down to our party with Tommy Vicari Jnr on Saturday night. I think it’s fair to say that he smashed it out of the park… Secondly, whilst we’re out at Sunwaves, here is a selection of the finest listening material that we’ve been enjoying over the last week or so…

Ion Ludwig LIVE @ Zukunft – . – Zurich 3.05.14 > https://soundcloud.com/ion-ludwig/ion-ludwig-live-zukunft-zurich-30514
One of my favourite artists smashing out an unbelievably sick live set. One of the most consistently brilliant producers working today.

RA.516 Oskar Offermann > https://www.residentadvisor.net/podcast-episode.aspx?id=516
Resident Advisor continue their fine run of form with this intro to a Frankfurt don. I’m surprised he’s not been asked to do one before now!

Fuse Podcast # 19 – Mountain People > https://soundcloud.com/fuselondon/fuse-podcast-19-mountain-people
A rare Fuse podcast from the inimitable Mountain People. I, for one, am glad this artist is making something of a comeback – it’s about time.

21.04.16 – Alec

With the sad news that Dance Tunnel is closing its doors, Nixwax has moved to The Yard in Hackney Wick and we will be hosting our first night in this amazing space on Saturday. We will be joined by our man Tommy Vicari Jnr. If you still don’t know what he sounds like then check this and reassess your weekend plans.
Tickets are £5 in advance but will be £10 on the door. Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/208579789518698/
Anyway… mixes…
Wonky, weird and varied house music from Verdant Recordings for the Avenue Red Podcast series. No skipping!
Had some requests to up the techno content of Werking and this Efdemin mix should do the trick. There is no excuse for boring techno when you can listen to stuff like this.
A great new addition to the impeccable Kann Mix series. Another total unknown, another smasher. Textbook Werking.
15.04.16 – Rob
We hope you’re having a lovely weekend and apologies for sending this out a little late! As it’s RSD this weekend, we’ll be down at Container Records in Brixton, hanging out and peddling our wares. The next Nixwax party with Tommy Vicari Jnr is also on Saturday 23rd April, details here:https://www.facebook.com/events/208579789518698/
HDNSM #45 Kashawar > https://soundcloud.com/hdnsm/hdnsm-45-kashawar
I absolutely love the HDNSM series and I definitely recommend subscribing as they push great music from up and coming and underrated DJs.Lamache Live @ Resolute – February 13th, 2016 > https://soundcloud.com/resolutenyc/lamache
I’ve posted a few sets from this very talented man and they’re all brilliant. Definitely one to catch if you can!Next Wave #21 – Harry McCanna > https://soundcloud.com/nextwaveibiza/next-wave-21-harry-mccanna
Great set from an up and comer… One to watch!

10.03.16 – Alec

Good morning all. It is a grey, grey, London day and we are bringing you some deep, focused and rolling music to see you through the day.

Claus Voigtmann, Rinse FM 30min Guestmix > https://soundcloud.com/voigtmann/voigtmann-rinse-fm-guestmix-for-hypercolour
 A half hour selection from one of London’s finest. Spooky, bassline-heavy and minimal-as-you-like. Make sure it’s loud or you’ll miss it!
Silat Beksi, Black/Tuesday Podcast https://soundcloud.com/blacktuesdayus/silat-beksi-270216-podcast
An hour and a half from a Ukrainian DJ that I just can’t get enough of. Percussive, techy and endlessly rolling forward. Tip!
Abdulla Rashim, Resident Advisor Podcast https://soundcloud.com/abdulla/ra422-abdulla-rashim
This is an old one has never been shared in Werking. Dark, fast, ambient and dubby techno. Ideal if you really need to take it up a gear.
Around7, High Five Magazine Podcast https://soundcloud.com/high-five-magazine/high-five-cast-12-around7
If all of the above is a bit dark and dull for you then I would recommend this. Creative, varied and upbeat tech house music. Will put a smile on your face.

02.03.16 – Rob

It’s that time of the week again and with uncle Funkers out in Slovakia, the honour of werking has been bestowed upon me. Here’s a quick plug that Nixwax will be on deck this Sunday doing the Hackney Record Fair (https://www.facebook.com/events/1721585324738518/), if you’re into that sort of thing.

POUTCAST #16: Diego Krause > https://soundcloud.com/outcast_torino/poutcast-16-diego-krause (download)
I’ve been loving this guy’s selections for a little while now and this is a great example; deep, groovy and dope.

Beste Modus Podcast 27 – Julie Marghilano > https://soundcloud.com/bestemodus/beste-modus-podcast-27-julie-marghilano
I came across this lady as one of the head honchos of Sol Asylum and she’s been putting out stonking records for a while now. It’s also clear that as a DJ, she’s no slouch either!

Toi Toi.Mix Series 09 by Nicola Kazimir > https://soundcloud.com/toitoimusik/toitoimix-series-by-nicola-kazimir-les-points
The newest signing to the Toi Toi roster throws down some serious electro by way of a welcome.

24.02.16 – Alec
Hope you are enjoying the week. Quick bit of Nixwax news before we start: this week we have announced our first release of 2016 which is by Tommy Vicari Jnr. Listen to the previews and pre-order from Juno if you like. Out 21st March!
Hard Work Soft Drink for Freebase TV > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GkDzAH4dMQ
The video is as random as you would expect from HWSD and Freebase but the mix is packed with bangers. Enjoy!
An oldie but I do really rate this lady. Focussed techno with her own off-kilter edge. Ideal to shut out your colleagues.
Sadar Bahar, Resident Advisor Podcast > https://www.mixcloud.com/residentadvisor/ra507/
I’m a huge fan of Sadar. His sets are absolutely incredible and sadly it doesn’t translate as well to the podcast format. But you will still find vintage bangers. [NB: Includes, Blondie – Rapture]
17.02.16 – Rob

Hope you’re having a fine week and looking forward to the weekend? Here’s a little selection to get you through to that precious finish line:

HDNSM #194: Evdokeen > https://soundcloud.com/hdnsm/hdnsm-194-evdokeem
A pseudonym of Brother G, this is exactly the blend of minimal elements, swung drums and groovy basslines that we’re feeling at the moment

Lamache. Cartulis Podcast 009 > https://soundcloud.com/cartulisday/lamache-cartulis-podcast-009
The Toi Toi resident throws down a fine selection for fellow London locals, Cartulis Day.

Herodot & NoiDoi @ Sunwaves 12 > https://soundcloud.com/nightclubber-ro/herodot-noidoi-at-sunwaves-12
This is an old favourite of mine. If anyone out there can tell me the name of the tune @ 14 mins, I’ll give you £20!

Ricardo Villalobos at Time Warp USA > https://soundcloud.com/nightclubber-ro/ricardo-villalobos-at-time-warp-usa-20-november-2015
This has been all over the internet already but it is really, bloody good. Ricardo showing all the doubters why he’s been king for so long.

10.02.16 – Alec
This is a mix that I put together for Inverted Audio and Farr Festival. Rubbish DJ but devilishly handsome.
Delighted to have these two make the latest addition to the Nixwax podcast series. Rolling Frankfurt house music – the best.
Evo bought this to my attention and it’s a great mix. Niff is a really clever DJ with a unique style. Highly recommended.

03.02.16 – Rob

Hey gang, hope you’re all having a cracking start of the month? Here’s a very quick last plug for our partyTHIS FRIDAY at the Dance Tunnel in Dalston. You can still get tickets here

Mulen Podcast #8: Silat Beksi > https://soundcloud.com/mulenrecords/mulen-podcast-9-silat-beksi
Ukrainian Breakbeat badman Beksi on the case with another grip of schwarpers. Don’t ask for a tracklist because no one can help you there…

Eden Summer Podcast No. 1 w/ Cap > https://soundcloud.com/club-eden-1/eden-summer-podcast-no-1-w-cap
There’s not too much online about this geezer but I rate his selections nonetheless. It’s typical of the Romanian selectors: deep, smooth and groovy.

Varhat RTS.FM Cluj 17.01.16 > https://vimeo.com/152180123
Alec and I have mentioned this chap before but it’s worth bringing him up again. Absolute wall to wall percies…

28.01.16 – Alec

John Dimas, Live at RTS.FM https://vimeo.com/152881385
John Dimas playing recently in Budapest. We will be hosting him at Dance Tunnel next Friday so make sure you come out for the party. January is nearly over, time for a dance! Details.
This lady from Leipzig has been a long-term favourite of mine. As far as I know she has no productions to her name yet but you will find a selection of really beautifully crafted mixes on her soundcloud page.
I make a conscious effort to avoid including too many mixes from Nightclubber but the standard is undeniable and it is just the best music for when you need to plug-in and get to werk. This is is no exception…

13.01.16 – Rob

After Al’s inaugural issue of 2016, I’ve got the enviable task of getting you lot through potentially the most depressing week of the year…

Rhythmatic Podcast 031: Yvo Zanev > https://www.mixcloud.com/rhythmatic/rhythmatic-music-031-yvo-zanev/
Really smoothly mixed and rolling as you like, the Berlin selector puts forward a lovely selection for the always on-point Rhythmatic series.

Thomas Melcior @Loft, Lausanne > https://www.mixcloud.com/pacmandjset/thomas-melchior-loft-lausanne-18-10-2008/
A rare DJ set from Mr Melchior. If you like swing, this one has it in bucketloads.

RA.502 Eric Cloutier > http://audio.ra.co/podcast/RA502_160111_Eric-Cloutier-residentadvisor.net.mp3 (download)
See if you can spot the seams in this mix… Flawless.

06.01.16 – Alec
As part of their 500th podcast celebration, Steffi has put together this mix. A great variety of tracks around the Detroit sound and absolute gems in here that I would love to find.
Polo at Nachtdigital 2015 https://soundcloud.com/polooo/polo-nachtdigital-2015 (download)
Nearly 3hours of Kann family friend, Polo, doing his thing at Nachtdigital last summer. Lots of lovely wiggling synths working their way over some uncompromising techno beds. Vibes.
Francesco Del Garda, Louche Podcast http://www.louchemusic.com/podcast/Francesco-Del-Garda/ (download)
High quality house music and nothing but from an Italian in London.
Move D, Freerotation 2013 https://soundcloud.com/move-d/move-d-freerotation-sun-2013 (download)
I am more than two years late to the party on this mix but if you are looking for an hour of Move D being Move D then look no further. Disco, acid jazz, house and edits. 

30.12.15 – Ralph

Firstly, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and you are all looking forward to ringing in the New Year. We have a lot of things planned for 2016 and I can’t wait to get it started.

In that spirit, it gives me great pleasure to announce that our first party will be headlined by John Dimas on 5th February at Dance Tunnel – jump on the Facebook event here! Getting down to business, here are some of the mixes that I have been listening to over the Christmas period that I have really enjoyed:

John Dimas – Discogs Mix > https://soundcloud.com/discogs/discogs-mix-29-john-dimas (download)
A great introduction to John’s style and a taste of what to expect on 5th Feb.

Denis Kaznacheev – LDN Records Podcast 003 > https://soundcloud.com/ldnrecords/denis-kaznacheev-mix
A vinyl only label making moves and putting out really cool music – this podcast from Denis Kaznacheev is great.

Prosumer – 20 Years of Electric Chair Promo Mix > https://soundcloud.com/electriks/prosumer-20-years-of-electric-chair-promo-mix
Prosumer doing his vibey deep house thing with characteristic style and skill – nothing else to be said!

Fred P playing at D-Edge in Brazil > https://soundcloud.com/black-jazz-consortium/fred-p-brazil-tour-by-troop-mothership-d-edge-sao-paulo-18-4-2015 (Download)
This is a bit harder and darker than the usual selections perhaps but a good techno werk out if you’re really struggling to get going.

23.12.15 – Alec

I hope you are all doing precisely no work in the build up to Christmas. Here is your mid-week delivery of repetitive drum beats to restore your sanity from excessive exposure to The Pogues.

Varhat, Fasten Music Podcast > https://soundcloud.com/fastenmusique/fastenmusiquepodcast096 (download)
The last Varhat mix I sent out received a lot of love and I don’t see why this one will be any different. Deep, grooving and interesting. Highly recommended.

Smallpeople, Little White Earbuds Podcast > https://soundcloud.com/juliussteinhoff/smallpeople-littlewhiteearbuds
An old mix, but one that is beautifully put together. Plenty of melodic content. A perfect exposition of the Smallville sound. Tip.

Harry McCanna, Yay Podcast > https://soundcloud.com/yayevent/yay-podcast-012-harry-mccanna
Plenty of hype building about this man and with very good reason. An Undersound resident demonstrating the range of his genre in a neat 60 minutes.

Vril, Mnml SSG Special > https://www.mixcloud.com/giegling4life/vril-mnml-ssg-special/
Found this old Vril mix the other day which is fantastic. Dusty, moody and serious tracks – perfect werking.

16.12.15 – Alec

Thanks to everyone who has been sending back their favourite tracks and mixes recently – it’s great to hear what you are enjoying! Anyway, to werk…

Rob Amboule, Antenne Edith Podcast > https://soundcloud.com/club-edith/antenne-edith-sendung-028-rob-amboule (download)
Making his mixtape debut after a couple of years on the shelf, Rob pulled this mix together in one take while I cooked dinner a couple of weeks ago. He’s been a pain in my side for 13 years now…but the boy sure can press play on a turntable!

Alex BTW, Farr Festival Podcast > https://soundcloud.com/farrfestival/into-the-woods-with-alex-btw (download)
Alex was the first person we called for advice when setting up Nixwax. He’s a great – if massively under-rated – selector. This is a vinyl only, analogue mixer, EQ-free selection recorded straight to DAT. Someone get that man a drink…in a jam jar.

Maralotta, Pilot Was Killed > https://soundcloud.com/maralotta/pilot-killed (download)
I know nothing about this mix except that it worked its way on to my computer one day, and l really liked it. A selection of electro, old school and interesting tracks from a very talented German lady.

Jahtari, Rhythm & Sound Mixtape > https://soundcloud.com/sex-lies-magnetic-tape/jahtari-rhythm-sound-mixtape (download)
Something a bit different from the above. A selection of tracks from the Rhythm & Sound project of Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswold. Nothing original in the mixing but a great way to get to know a vital part of dub techno history. Tip!

09.12.15 – Alec

Thanks to everybody that came down to Nixwaxmas on Friday night. We said it would be a Christmas drinks party – not a clubnight – but the shutters got pulled down and we held the fort from 8pm to 8am… great fun!

DJ Dustin, Giegling Mix 01 > https://www.giegling.net/download/mix/09 (Download)
I really thought I’d listened to all the Giegling mixes but here is another fantastic one. I could listen to the last track until the end of the week. Beautiful, dusty, rolling house and techno.

Anna Wall, Farr Festival Podcast > https://soundcloud.com/farrfestival/into-the-woods-with-anna-wall (Download)
Lovely selection of deep and dubby house from Anna Wall for the guys at Farr Festival. Looking forward to adding Nixwax’s own volume to this series in January.

Gilles Peterson & Goldie, BBC 6 Music > http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06qmkf6
I’m not a superfan of either of these two, but this is 3hrs of a pair of guys who are just loving every track. Goldie really is the Renaissance Man in my opinion! And FYI, you can catch Worldwide every Saturday if you don’t already know about it.

Aurora Halal, Smoke Machine Podcast > https://soundcloud.com/smokemachinetaipei/smoke-machine-podcast-104-aurora-halal (Download)
Met this lady at Nachtiville and Aurora Halal is her actual name. This is a selection of dark, rolling techno that she put together for Taipei’s Smoke Machine series at the beginning of the year.

02.12.15 – Rob

As we roll into December and collectively crap ourselves at how the year has flown by, I thought it might be a great opportunity to have an old-school special for Werking Mixes this week.

Again, a quick plug that Nixwaxmas is happening this Friday! It’s our Nixwax Office Christmas Party and it is free to attend. Details are on Facebook.

Two Lone Swordsmen: Breezeblock Headline Set > https://www.mixcloud.com/podshot/two-lone-swordsmen-breezeblock-headline-set-2000/
Recorded for MAH just as they were releasing their classic album, “Tiny Reminders”, this mix is full of balls to the wall electro scorchers.

Andrew Weatherall Essential Mix > https://www.mixcloud.com/oska_/andrew-weatherall-essential-mix-27-10-1996/
Continuing the Andrew Weatherall theme, his Essential Mix from 1996 is the good captain at his most ‘deep house’. Only serious groovers here.

Future Sound of London Essential Mix > https://soundcloud.com/das_boy/future-sound-of-london-essential-mix-1994
Another excellent Essential Mix from the archives of Das Boy (definitely worth checking). This one’s a bit more ambient but still epic nonetheless.

The Biography of Photek > https://www.mixcloud.com/thelaw/the-biography-of-photek-mix-1993-to-1997/
Something a bit different from the usual fodder but for anyone not familiar with his seminal 90s work, this is a pretty good primer on what was going on back then.

25.11.15 – Alec

Nachtiville was amazing – you can see what we were all up to on this video. Also, just a quick mention that Nixwaxmas is happening on Friday 4th December; it is the Nixwax Office Christmas Party and it is free to attend. Details are on Facebook.

Manamana, 7hrs at Nachtiville 2015 > https://soundcloud.com/kann/sets/kannmix-6-manamana-nachtiville-aqua-mundo (download)
This is a 7hr recording from the swimming pool that you can see in the video above. Amazing records from a pair of amazing DJs.

Tiago Walter, Nixtape 039 > https://soundcloud.com/nixwax/nixtape-039 (download)
The latest instalment in the Nixwax podcast series. We are delighted to welcome our good friend Tiago who is one of Frankfurt’s rising stars.

Heredot, RA Podcast > https://soundcloud.com/playedby/ra493-herodot-residentadvisornet
An excellent recent addition to the Resident Advisor podcast series and featuring a bunch of great new releases.

Audio Werner, Fabric x Toi Toi > https://soundcloud.com/fabric/audio-werner-fabric-x-toi-toi-mix (download)
Listened to this on my journey to work this morning. Starts ‘lovely’, gets ‘vibesy’… but basically it’s just rollers.

18.11.15 – Rob

Afternoon all, whilst Alec’s off on his travels he has passed me the reins for this week’s instalment. I hope it lives up to his efforts!

Tornado Wallace on Beats In Space #805 > http://media.beatsinspace.net/audio/bis-10-27-15-part2.mp3 (download)
This opens with an absolute belter of a tribal track and goes through a lot of old, relatively rare house records. One for the diggers…

SUM Promo Mix IV Lamache > https://soundcloud.com/sum_label/sum-promo-mix-iv-lamache-discobar
After having seen him tear apart the recent Toi Toi party, this guy was definitely worth checking out online. Opens with some really great electo and moves on to more minimal styles after that…

Undersound Podcast 019 > https://soundcloud.com/undersoundlondon/undersound-podcast-019-tc80
His latest EP on Cabaret has been in my bag all summer and is really brilliant. There’s one of those cuts in this mix but I’ll let you figure out which one…

12.11.15 – Alec

Afternoon all, this is the final instalment before I head off to Nachtiville Festival this weekend. Can’t wait!

Konstantin (Giegling) for Juno Plus > https://soundcloud.com/junoplus/juno-plus-label-podcast-giegling (download)
This mix grabs you within the first 30s and does not let go. I’ve listened to it over and over again – it doesn’t get boring. Lucky cos I’ll be seeing him this weekend!

Manamana Live at Nachtdigital 2012 > https://soundcloud.com/kann/manamana-live-at-nachtdigital (download)
Sticking with Nachtiville theme, this duo will be playing an 8hr set in a swimming pool this weekend. This is a live recording from the sister festival in Germany a few years back.

Barac Live at Sunwaves 18 > https://soundcloud.com/nightclubber-ro/barac-at-sunwaves-18
The man is on fire. It’s deep, it’s rolling, it’s glitchy and it’s weird…it’s the Romanian sound…and, in my opinion, nobody does it better!

Oskar Offermann, ‘Le Grand to Do LP > https://soundcloud.com/xlr8r/sets/premiere-oskar-offermann-le-grand-to-do-lp
Not technically a mix, this is actually Oskar Offermann’s new album but I have been dying for this since I first heard previews a couple of months ago. Enjoy.

06.11.15 – Alec

Good morning everybody, I hope you have all had a good week and looking forward to the weekend…

John Dimas, Poutcast 006 > https://soundcloud.com/outcast_torino/poutcast-06-john-dimas
Perfect music to get ready, to get ready, to go out to! Give it some time but this is John Dimas demonstrating just how much you can do over the course of an hour – and while doing so little, if you know what I mean?

Arno Schaefer, Kann Mix 005 > https://soundcloud.com/kann/kannmix05-arno-schafer
Never heard of him before this but it’s another great mix from Camp Kann Records. Old, new and left-field house all blended in to one. Nachtiville attendees should listen to this.

Rødåd, Unreleased Dub Techno Mix > http://www.mediafire.com/listen/9r5qgnex7deoeuz/01_Unreleased_Podcast.mp3
I can’t say where I got this but is an unreleased dub techno mix by the Ginger Jesus of Berghain, Rødhåd. Hopefully he has got more important things that chase me but thank you to the person who sent it – you know who you are.

Dana Ruh b2b Julietta Live at Club De Visionaire (Berlin) > https://soundcloud.com/julietta/dana-ruh-b2b-julietta-at-club-der-visionare-juli-2014
A four hour mix covering some of the bigger records of the last couple of years. One of those mixes that makes you wish you were there for the actual recording…

27.10.15 – Alec

Hope everybody is enjoying the week. Hello to the new subscribers…

A shout out to Ben North who is the original cause for this thread – he is leaving my office this week. Without his need for background noise and laziness to find music for himself, Werking Mixes never would have been possible. Best of luck to you in the world of romantic literature – it’s been a pleasure.

Sadar Bahar, Digs Rush Hour Mix > https://soundcloud.com/rush-hour-store/store-mix-002-sadar-bahar-digs-rush-hour
We had him recently on the selections but I just cannot get enough of his record choices… so fruit…who couldn’t enjoy it?! [NB: Quiet recording, turn it up]

Karina Ratiana, Nightclubber Unknown 500 > https://soundcloud.com/nightclubber-ro/nightclubber-unknown500-27-august
Missed this when it came out but it’s great tech-house. Gets off to a difficult start but by the time the ‘Southern Girl’ vocal hits at 20mins you should be hooked.

Ion Ludwig Live @ Club De Visionnaire > https://soundcloud.com/ion-ludwig/ion-ludwig-live-club-der-visionaere-30052015-3h-cut
Not sure why I have never shared this. An absolute favourite of mine, rolling out a 3hr live set in Berlin’s CDV … 3hrs?! … a live set?! … Bonkers.

CAD @ Amla-Ltd, Razzmatazz > https://soundcloud.com/alma-ltd/cad-podcast-for-alma-ltd-night-at-razzmatazz
Found this today and it’s great. Snapping breakbeats and dubby chords – perfect!

15.10.15 – Alec

Hope that everybody is having a good week… as ever, feedback welcomed

Varhat, Nightclubber.ro Unknown 500 > https://soundcloud.com/nightclubber-ro/nightclubber-unknown-500-7oct
Rob and I have been obsessing about this mix quite a lot. Various people are going crazy waiting for this to be released…

Ben Klock, BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix > http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06dkm68
This is big…very big. And, if you don’t know what Ben Klock does in a club, this is a pretty decent indication…

Susumu Yokota, 1961-2015 > https://soundcloud.com/jake-muir/yokota-tribute
This artist sadly died earlier this year and this is a tribute mix so you can hear some of his best music. If you only have time for one track, I would recommend this.

Brian Eno, John Peel Lecture > http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b06f17dw/bbc-music-john-peel-lecture-2-2015-brian-eno
There is no music in this but I listened to it on Radio 6 and thought it was fantastic. Not seen the video version but he is excellent orator…for a synth geek!

ATEQ (Gieling) @ Enter, Ibiza > https://soundcloud.com/enterofficial/week-14-mind-ateq-1
This gets off to a slow start but it is worth sticking with it. Probably the DJ that I am most excited about seeing at Nachtiville.

07.10.15 – Alec

Hope you are all having a good week. Congratulations on making it more than halfway!

Slow Life Podcast – S.Moreira (Live Jammin’ with Bass & Sax) > https://soundcloud.com/slow-life/podcast-series-0033-smoreira-live-jammin-with-bass-sax
One of the minds behind deep microhaus outfit Slow Life has put together a live jam session with a bass and sax player (he is on bass) for his podcast… I absolutely loved this and don’t worry, there are still clicks and beeps!

Gay Marvine, The Bunker Podcast 101 > https://soundcloud.com/thebunkerny/the-bunker-podcast-101-gay-marvine-1
If you are need something more energetic, this live recording from Gay Marvine should be right up your street. Good times, partying, hands in the air…house music.

Sven Weisemann on R.T.S FM > https://soundcloud.com/rtsfm/sven-weisemann-rtsfm-berlin-260316
Sven Weisemann is a modern master of mixtapes in my opinion – always perfectly constructed. This live mix for a club / radio event is no exception.

Job Jobse, Live at Melt! Festival 2015 > https://soundcloud.com/jobjobse/melt-sleepless-floor-2015
Job Jobse is one of the many ex-Trouw residents that are unknown outside the Netherlands who are filling out the bill at Nachtiville this year. This is a live recording from 7am-10am at this year’s Melt! Festival.

30.09.15 – Alec

MEAT & Chris Wood, My Favourite Freaks Podcast > https://soundcloud.com/myfavouritefreaks/my-favourite-freaks-podcast-133-chris-wood-meat
The Frankfurter who will be joining us this Saturday night has just dropped a new podcast with his long-term partner, Chris Wood. Expect “tech-haus”.

The Mole, Not So Silent Podcast > https://soundcloud.com/notso_silent/notsosilent034-the-mole
I’d not heard a podcast from The Mole in a while and I was really into this selection. Good quality mix for doing some thinking werk at werk… so to speak.

Archie Hamilton, Fuse Podcast > https://soundcloud.com/fuselondon/fuse-podcast-13-archie-hamilton
London’s rolling house poster-boy looks like he is halfway through a bag of something enjoyable in the picture for this podcast. Plus… the tracks are prime!

Ben UFO at Dekmantel Festival 2014 > http://www.mixesdb.com/w/2014-08-02_-_Ben_UFO_@_Dekmantel_Festival,_Amsterdam
Many of you are coming to Nachtiville (Amsterdam) in November so I thought we should start going through mixes from the line-up. First up… Ben UFO… I was actually there for the recording of this mix, with a bunch of you that are on this list! 6.5 weeks to go!

03.09.15 – Alec

Sorry that there has not been one of these in a couple of weeks. I’ve had a few people chasing me up. I was on holiday but I am back now and got some great selections; painting the house with Daisy has given me a lot of research time!

MEAT & Chris Wood, Silbergold (Frankfurt) > https://soundcloud.com/chriswood/chris-wood-meat-at-silbergold
A recording of Frankfurt godfathers, Chris Wood and MEAT, playing in the same club I was Djing at this time a week ago! MEAT will be coming over for Nixwax 4th Birthday at Dance Tunnel but this is more than just a shameless plug – it’s actually a great mix! It’s been on repeat!

Sylvie Forêt on RTS.fm Berlin > https://soundcloud.com/rtsfm/sylvie-foret-rtsfm-berlin-190815
Not sure who this lady is or how I found it. Listen beyond the occasional ‘live’ mix and enjoy the selections – very nicely put together.

YATE for Clubberia Podcast > https://soundcloud.com/clubberia/cb-241-yate
Romanian minimal, classy as you can imagine but I wouldn’t bother listening to it on bad headphones… you need something to pick up the low end!

14.08.15 – Alec

Happy Friday Everybody! Hope you have all had a good week. And Happy Birthday to Nealay who has now gone back to Champaign (IL)… it was a pleasure to have you here mate!

CK303: Tracks That Inspired Daft Punk’s ‘Homework’ > https://soundcloud.com/ck303/theprequel96
I’m absolutely loving this mix and a large part of my weekend will be running this through Shazam. Wall-to-wall party trax.

ATEQ at Finest Giegling (Panorama Bar 24.01.14) > https://soundcloud.com/ateq/24-01-14-finest-giegling
An amazing recording of brooding techno recorded in Berlin’s Panorama Bar. £5 cash prize for anyone that can tell me the name of the track 57mins.

Francesco Del Garda: Yay Podcast > https://soundcloud.com/yayevent/yay-podcast-022-francesco-del-garda
An Italian in London. This man is a DJ’s DJ who puts his own spin on the minimal sound that is so popular at the moment.

07.08.15 – Alec

Happy Friday Everybody! You have already heard plenty from me this week so straight to the music…

Dan Beaven, Nixwax Podcast > https://soundcloud.com/nixwax/nixtape-038
An excellent vinyl selection from the heavily mulleted man that I selected to play at my own birthday.

Marcel Vogel, Mysteryland > https://soundcloud.com/mysterylandmusic/mysteryland-nl-2015-exclusive-mix-marcel-vogel
German disco merchant, Marcel Vogel, with a new podcast. You know what to expect…

Head High, Goove Podcast > https://soundcloud.com/groove-magazin/groove-podcast-42-head-high
The ‘power house’ alias of techno-dub-man Shed with his unique interpretation of the area that sits between house and techno.

Function, Berghain 07 > https://soundcloud.com/ostgutton-official/berghain-07-function
I felt like we’ve not had enough proper techno on here so here is Function’s Berghain CD to make up for it.

22.08.15 – Alec

We had a week off but some great mixes have come around this week so I thought I should share…

Ben Evanson, Saints Don’t Sleephttps://soundcloud.com/saints-dont-sleep/saints-dont-sleep-mix-009-benson
Benson is a DJ on my label and I am biased but this is an excellent mix of rolling house music. Get involved!

Jane Fitz, Resident Advisor Podcasthttp://www.residentadvisor.net/podcast-episode.aspx?id=477
Jane Fitz is a legend from Free Rotation (an invite only festival) and is blowing up big time. This is her podcast for Resident Advisor. Deep and delicious techno.

Marcel Vogel, Live at Prince Charles (Berlin) https://soundcloud.com/princecharlesberlin/marcel-vogel
Marcel Vogel (my favourite disco DJ) playing three and a half hours at the Prince Charles (Berlin) that will take you from a bluesy start to a pumping disco finish.

10.07.15 – Alec

Afternoon All, I hope you’ve all enjoyed your weeks…here are some recommendations so that you can get your heads nodding for the weekend.

Tommy Vicari Jnr, CYMKast 008 > https://soundcloud.com/cmykollektiv/cmykast008
DJ and producer who played at the last Nixwax night at Dance Tunnel. Highly recommended.

Bender, Snotty Nose (Kann) > https://soundcloud.com/kann/kannpod03-bender-snotty-nose
An old mix from Bender that has come to the top of my list again. The track at 35mins arrived at the office this week.

Archie Hamilton, Tiedcast 007https://soundcloud.com/tiedchicago/tiedcast-007-archie-hamilton
An up and coming guy at the moment. Deep and rolling house music – current on the system in the Fridge Hub.

03.07.15 – Alec

Good afternoon my Headphone Hombrés…

I’ve not started one of these threads in a while but it feels like the sun is out and it’s a good time to spread the love!

Mr Tophat & Art Alphie, Karlovak https://soundcloud.com/karlovak/mtaa-ub-20-12-14-final
Jazzy house vibes

Xander, Overview Podcast > https://soundcloud.com/overviewmusic/overview-podcast-048-xander
Minimal Romanian business

Traumpinz, Sender Geibel > https://soundcloud.com/sender-geibel/traumprinz-sender-geibel
A live set from German man of mystery Traumprinz / The Prince of Denmark